Tuesday, May 3, 2011


       The Wake County Public School System has clearly adopted a strategy of "a good offense is the best defense" concerning the OCR meeting scheduled for Wednesday night at Martin Street Baptist Church in Southeast Raleigh.

      WCPSS has now gone as far as criticize how the OCR meeting, and where the OCR meeting, has been publicized in the first place.

      Check out this letter from Ann Majestic, WCPSS attorney, to OCR. In it, she not only rages how "unfair" it is that the meeting is being held at all, but that, "...we have been unable to determine how the event is being advertised other than appearing on the blog of Cash Michaels, a local journalist and advocate  who has been staunchly critical of the current board."

     With good reason, I might add.

     The truth is, Ms Majestic is not telling the truth, and given the corrupt bunch she works for, that's understandable.

     Majestic didn't see the announcement on my blog, where it first appeared. She, and the rest of the wider public, saw it on T. Keung Hui's WakeEd blog in the News and Observer. I know this for a fact because on April 26th, shortly after getting the notice from the NCNAACP, I sent it to Hui TO MAKE SURE THAT IT GOT WIDER PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION!

     Majestic, and the rest of the public, saw the OCR notice there first, NOT my blog! Otherwise, she wouldn't have seen it at all because I doubt she spends time visiting this blog unless someone tells her to.

    So these WCPSS people are trying to intimidate the feds to back off the racial bias complaint filed by the NCNAACP. I don't know if what they're doing is working, but clearly the Republicans on the Wake School Board are afraid of something.

   By the way, that OCR public meeting to hear the complaints and concerns of parents, students and the public concerning the WCPSS is scheduled for Wednesday, May 3rd, 2011, 7-9 pm at Martin Street Baptist Church, 1001 East Martin Street, Raleigh.

    The Wake School System has had  something to say. Now it's YOUR turn!

    'nuff said!

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