Wednesday, October 5, 2011


                                   MAHALIA JACKSON

    MAHALIA’S 100 - If she had lived, gospel singing legend Mahalia Jackson would be turning 100 years-old this October 26th. No one had her voice, her sound, or her spirit, which is why, even today, almost 40 years since her death in 1972, Mahalia Jackson is still beloved, regarded and respected in a class by herself.
            Besides, Mahalia was my late mother’s favorite gospel artist, and I can still hear Mom as she sang many of Mahalia’s greatest hits around the house as a little boy back in Brooklyn. So I don’t play when it comes to Mahalia Jackson.

            That’s why on Sunday, Oct. 23rd, 5 p.m. at Lincoln Park Holiness Church where Bishop Eli Ratcliff is the pastor, the community is invited to what promises to be an extraordinary concert celebrating the 100th birthday of Mahalia Jackson, featuring a young lady who has astounded audiences across North Carolina for years with her voice and talent, Ms. Lynette Barber.
             Lynette used to be one of my students when I worked at St. Augustine’s College back in 1988 - 1990. Today, she is a teacher, but when she isn’t in the classroom, or at church, Lynette is thrilling audiences with a voice you simply have to hear.
            If anyone can pay tribute to the great Mahalia Jackson…indeed if anyone ever has paid tribute to that singular legend of good gospel music, Lynnette Barber has.
            So why am I piling it on so thick here? Because, like those who’ve already heard Lynette do Mahalia, I KNOW you’re in for a special treat when you attend this concert on Sunday, Oct. 23rd, at Lincoln Park Holiness Church, 13 Heath Street in Raleigh. This concert is free and open to the public, and NOT to be missed.
            So circle the date, and let’s all come out and support Lynette as she gives us the absolute best of Mahalia Jackson.
            Sure this is normally in Church News, but if I’m telling you about it, then you know it’s going to be something special.
            Besides, something tells me after these crazy Wake School Board elections next week, we’re all going to need to look forward to some strong spiritual entertainment.
            See you and yours on Oct. 23rd! Take it from me, Lynette will be worth it! 

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