Tuesday, November 1, 2011


           I want to thank Jeffrey Wotus, a constant, yet unhinged critic of mine, for digging up these new John Tedesco pictures from when Tedesco served as Borough Administrator for the small municipality of Highlands, NJ from 2000-2002.

         These are from the Highlands Memorial Day ceremonies of 2001:

         On the 11-01-11 N&O Wake Ed blog, Wotus, as "Jeffrey 1," posted the following:
I'm curious why Cash did not choose to post any of these pictures, all of which are on the same site that he got his holiday pictures. These pictures show John Tedesco participating in the 2001 Memorial Day Activities as a member of the Highland Business Partnership. Yes these picture show an overweight John Tedesco, but aren't they more reflective of his role as a Borough Manager, than some pictures from a holiday party?
For all you Cash sympathizers, what possible excuse can you have for not posting these pictures in place of the ones that were posted?
Let's see Cash, what would serve your purpose better? Pictures of a dancing, possibly tipsy John Tedesco, or one where he is honoring our soldiers?
Keung, this deserves another blog post to call out Cash.

             Well the simple fact of the matter is, I missed them. Between talking with sources, researching old newspaper articles, calling town officials to confirm certain things, and writing the story, I missed these pictures. Period.

          Mr. Wotus says they are better than the holiday pictures of Tedesco I previously posted. I must say, however, that one would question why Borough Administrator John Tedesco is not wearing a respectful tie and jacket to honor our brave military, like many of the other city officials in the pictures, instead of casual clothes and sneakers, as the pictures clearly show.

          But he can wear a dress shirt, tie, decent slacks and shoes to a holiday party, where his bosses and other officials are also present:

          As I've told my readers before, these pictures of Highlands, NJ Borough Administrator John Tedesco offer us a window to his past we've never seen before.

        They may also give us a clue as to why this happened, as reported by the Asbury Park Press, Sept. 12, 2002:

        THE Highlands Borough Council voted four to one to relieve Borough Administrator John T. Tedesco of his duties.
      According to Councilman Robert M. Rauen, the decision, made at the Sept. 4 council meeting, was not an easy one.
     "We need leadership in the borough," he said. "There was no one specific reason that the council came to the decision to relieve John of his duties."
     However, over the past few months, the council has had an issue with the timeliness of Tedesco's performance.
    Councilwoman Sherry Ruby described Tedesco's position as a difficult one. She cast the sole vote against relieving Tedesco of his duties.
    "He has five managers (the five council members). Sometimes, we are going in all different directions. Sometimes, we did not give him a clear direction."
    "Leadership is the key at this point," Rauen said. "This is a quality position, and we need leadership."
    According to Borough Attorney Robert B. Thaler, Tedesco will receive three months' severence pay because the council opted to relieve him of his duties immediately.
    "As the Borough Administrator for Highlands, my drive, passion, and commitment for this community led me to accomplish much-needed growth and development for Highlands," Tedesco wrote a letter responding to the council's decision.
    "However, all my efforts could not combat the fact that I was naive to believe that hard work and progress could stand above politics as usual. So now the council has chosen to begin the seventh administration in nine years."
    Mayor Richard W. O'Neil declined comment on the decision.
    As for replacing Tedesco, Rauen only said that a replacement would be found soon.

      It's important for Wake citizens to see what essentially is the public record on someone who could become our next Wake School Board chairman. Even fellow Republicans, like trounced District 4 school board candidate Venita Peyton, writes on her blog that if Heather Losurdo wins the District 3 seat, Peyton supports Deborah Prickett for the new chairman because, "There is nothing haphazard about Deborah. Quiet and unassuming. Respectful and a listener. No ego, no dance. No unwritten lyrics. The best person to be coupled throughout the State of North Carolina (and the United States) with Superintendent Tony Tata.It's just one of many things that District 3 voters should consider for the upcoming run-off."

       Now if that isn't a blow to the sitting Wake School Board vice chairman, nothing is!  

      John Tedesco has been in office for two years now, and we still don't know the man, but we should. Further, he refuses to make himself available to me to answer fair, but tough questions that the people deserve to have answers to.

    My job is to make him accountable. I have to do it whether he cooperates or not!

    Thus far, I see why he isn't cooperating!


  1. Cash said:

    "Well the simple fact of the matter is, I missed them"

    Of course you did. Why continue to search when you "got the goods" on JT? BTW, a link to the Memorial Day pictures were on the same page as the link to the Holiday pictures.

    But hey, I always knew I was better at research. Perhaps that explains why so many of Cash's post on WCPSS our filled with factual errors. Never underestimate the power of a good research team, Cash. It looks like you could benefit from one.

    Cash said:

    "They (the pictures) may also give us a clue as to why this happened, as reported by the Asbury Park Press, Sept. 12, 2002:"

    What exactly are you implying, Cash? Are you afraid to say it? Why would JT be fired for attending a holiday party?

    Cash said:

    "I must say, however, that one would question why Borough Administrator John Tedesco is not wearing a respectful tie and jacket to honor our brave military, like many of the other city officials in the pictures, instead of casual clothes and sneakers, as the pictures clearly show."

    And now folks, we see the true inner workings of Cash. Most rational people would pick substance over appearance. But not Cash. He values appearance. Doesn't matter what you do, as long as you look good doing it.

    Could that be the reason he supported busing and reassignment all these years? Because it gave the appearance that WCPSS was responding to the needs of underachieving kids? When in fact, statistics show that the achievement gap was the same in WCPSS as it was in just about every other county in NC.

    Cash Michaels - "Our schools may fail a lot of kids, but we're going to make sure they look good doing it."

  2. Hatred is a debilitating disease, Mr. Wotus, and you prove hat with each and every twisted post of yours. Indeed you go out of your way to display your hatred. I allow on this board (meaning i don't remove it) because I want the evidence to speak for itself, you being the evidence. But most importantly, when i document and illustrate the strident and close mentality of those who want to resegregate our public school system, and do so with lies, deceit and, yes, racial hatred, you provide me with an abundance of evidence, more of which I could never hope for. So please, Mr. Wotus (aka baseball coach), feel free to stay up late at night, twisting the truth, and feeling proud of your bitter compulsion. That is a sure sign of madness. Really. Read your rants. They are a clear sign of mental imbalance. I only hate to see what you look like when Kevin Hill wins the District 3 runoff next week. You may lose it all then. I feel for you. A mind is a dangerous thing to lose!

  3. Argumentum Ad Hominem.

    See folks, when you can't refute the message, you attack the messenger. It's vintage Cash. It's the same reaction we normally see in immature children.

    As for your attacks, the only judge that matters is God, and I'm comfortable that he knows the truth.

  4. Yeah, Wotus, but you apparently don't know Him (capital H when referring to the Almighty on my blog, mister...at least have some RESPECT for HIM, if not yourself).
    I really want to thank you, though, Wotus. Without you, I wouldn't have been able to post further, conclusive evidence that John Tedesco has no business leading the Wake School Board. You've actually helped to put the exclamation point on my argument, and acted crazy to boot!
    How can I ever pay you?

  5. Grammer/Spelling/Capitalization errors? Really? That's what the immature kids resort to after they've stooped to attacking the messenger. You're like an open book for the truly desperate.

    And I really want to thank you too. You've proven to me and all your readers, that when it comes to substance, you ain't got squat.

    You see for you, it's all about appearance. You don't really care that JT (along with your buddy Sutton) was instrumental in changing the suspension policy in Wake schools, allowing more at-risk students to stay in school.

    You don't really care that JT was the primary force behind changing the 8th grade math policy, allowing many more economically disadvantaged kids to get on the all-important accelerated math track. You don't care that JT lead the effort to get those new STEM programs developed, so that we can give our needy kids something other than a seat beside a rich kid.

    No, for you, it's all about appearances. How dare we have a board chairman who dances at a holiday party. How dare we have a board chairman who does not wear a jacket and tie to a Memorial Day event.

    Not to worry Cash. Next Tuesday, Hill will be re-elected, and then we can go back to a board that does what you do best - rely on appearances. We'll get those quotas in high achieving schools, so we can hide the underachievers in "healthy schools." Maybe we can put a stop to those leadership academies, too. And maybe we can go back to the systematic discrimination of minorities by denying them access to 8th grade algebra. Yeah, we'll put them in remedial math where they belong. You'd be perfectly happy with that Cash, wouldn't you? And maybe we can go back a decade and dumb-down our end-of-grade tests, so all the underachievers can be at grade level. Who cares if a kid cannot read, as long as he is at grade level. Because it's all about appearances, right. And if there's one thing that WCPSS and Cash Michaels are good about -- it' appearances.

    Thanks again Cash. Really. Thank you so much for making your blog entries so crystal clear. Thanks for showing your readers that appearance trumps substance. Thanks for teaching our youth that the key to success is looking really good.

    And thanks for your continued response to my comments. They reinforce the fact that you are completely void of any substance. Nothing but personal attacks and innuendos.

    Surprise me Cash. Do something different next time. Give me some substance - you do know what this is, don't you?

  6. A psycho rant about education, and you use the word "ain't?' I rest my case!

  7. Oh by the way, all of the stuff you gave JT credit for, most board members will tell you were already in the mix by staff. He just jumped in front of the coming train. But you try hard, I'll give you that. Got that pious thing going pretty good, Wotus, pretty good. Oh well, have a nice day!

  8. Who is the lady sitting with john tedesco? Is her name lynn tedesco? He said she was his wife, however others say she was his sister posing as a wife. Does she live in raliegh with another man? She does not live with john tedesco.

  9. I deliberately have not identified any of the women in the Tedesco pictures (even though they have been identified for me) because that would force me to get into personal areas I do not want to go in, with information I'd prefer not to publish. These pictures have been publicly displayed online for the past ten years, so I had no problem displaying them here, given the reasonable amount of time folks in them had to ask that they be removed. Still, my focus was John Tedesco's behavior while working in government, not his personal relationships.