Monday, January 23, 2012


    This is NOT the first time director Spike Lee has gone off on somebody in public when he's asked about how he finances his films. In 1989 at Duke University in Durham, Lee was holding a presser. I was covering for WAUG-AM. I asked him how much the black community contributes towards financing his films ( it was a few days after he lost the Oscar for "Do the Right Thing" ), and Spike cussed me out royally for asking! Later outside, I was speaking with some of my St. Aug students when Anika Phifer (now an FB friend) saw Spike Lee coming up behind me, and said, "Uh oh!" I turned around, saw Lee, and didn't know what to expect. He apologized, saying that the subject was touchy with him, and he's always having to fight for financing! I still have the presser on tape, and will post it shortly. It's a piece of history! 

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