Sunday, May 22, 2011



            I have just had the honor of working with one of the most talented human beings I've even met. Many of you already know him, or at least, already know about him. But for those who don't, meet Stephon Ferguson. He is, without a doubt, one of the greatest interpreters of the words, courage and spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I've even seen.
           So much so that when Stephon asked my company  - CashWorks HD Productions, producer of my awardwinning 2010 film, "Obama in NC: The Path to History" -  to do a short film showcasing his amazing talent, I jumped at the chance to somehow capture lightning in a bottle.
            With the help of Stephon, who already had an extraordinary wealth of pictures, newspaper clips and videos of his past performances and historic people he's met over the years, we came together to create what I believe is a definitive short documentary about how this artist uses his precious gift from GOD to spread the message and inspiration of one of the most influential leaders of our time.
            The 12-minute documentary is titled, "Stephon Ferguson: The King Experience," and I'm convinced that if you are not swept away by Stephon's extraordinary rendition of Dr. King, Jr. within the first three minutes of this work, then I don't what else will.
             And if you do watch the whole 12-minutes (and I know you well), and listen to Stephon as he talks about his life and inspiration, I have no doubt that you will agree with thousands of others, that Stephon Ferguson is a gift to us from GOD, and he reminds us that our belief in freedom, justice and equality is what binds all people of good will together.
            If you want to know more about the Stephon Ferguson "King Experience" (and you will), please go to his Facebook page, or his website at
             And please, feel free to viral this page to your friends and family. I'm very proud of Stephon, and exceedingly proud to have had the opportunity to chronicle his extraordinary gift.
               GOD bless.


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  1. Nice Work Cash!!
    God Bless You Sir since my early days at the Carolinian I have Noticed you have done a Steller Job. You sir are a Credit To Your Pen.

    Since My Diagnosis in 94' with MSm I realize where the Hero's in The Community are and YOU are a Shinning example sir, I also had a Chance to see your Trip to the inaguration on the Bus letting your daughter be a Part of History which was also Awesome, My God Mother Helen Montague shared it with me as I this with her.
    Thank You again Sir. You give me Inspiration to Keep On Moving!

    Lorenzo A. Smith